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Coloring books with Bible Verses and resources to help parents, caregivers, teachers and families engage with those in their care.

Joy and Awe Children's Coloring Book with Bible Verses (GNV)

Joy & Awe

Now Available! Joy and Awe is a children’s coloring book with Bible verses. Simple drawings from nature – including birds, flowers, animals, and landscapes – reflect the magnificence and beauty of God’s World. This unique coloring book has a set of “Parent Pages” in the back of the book. Grown ups can use the parent pages to help children better understand the Bible verse on each coloring page and prepare for conversations with a child about the verses. (This coloring book has one Parent Page for each coloring page.) Sure to inspire children and grown ups alike, Joy and Awe is a perfect gift for a young child, and an ideal Home School or Sunday School resource. Give your child the gift of joy, as they color and reflect on God’s Word. Bible verses are from the 1599 Geneva Bible. 8.875 inches (width) x 10.75 inches (height). Available online only from Itasca Books. $14.25

Joy for the Soul - KJV Coloring Book for Elderly

Joy for the Soul

Joy for the Soul is an inspiring coloring book for elderly with limited vision, reduced dexterity or dementia. Dignified, simple drawings from nature reflect the magnificence of creation. Appropriate for gift giving – references to age and dementia intentionally omitted from wording on front and back cover. Give the gift of joy! 8.875 inches (width) x 10.75 inches (height). Bible verses are from the King James Version (KJV) of The Holy Bible. Available online only from Itasca Books. $4.99


Coming Soon!

Good Night & Sweet Dreams

Good Night & Sweet Dreams is a soft but sturdy, large print book for elderly with comforting Bible verses and short passages to read at bedtime. Strategically created to help individuals prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep, with awesome reassurance from God’s Word.  Bible Verses are taken from the 1599 Geneva Bible. 6.1 x 0.5 x 6.2 inches.


About Our Books

Our investment in quality ensures your recipient will enjoy a beautiful book, free of errors and typos.  In our minds, a book that contains quotes from the Bible, including Christian coloring books, should be held to the highest quality standard – especially those used in Christian education or Sunday School.

Good old-fashioned hard work defines the effort put into proofreading and formatting before we ever send a book to the printing press.  See for yourself! Check out our free coloring pages from Joy and Awe, a children’s coloring book with Bible Verses.