Free Coloring Pages

Enjoy these free Bible Verse coloring pages from Joy and Awe Children’s Coloring Book with Bible Verses.

This unique coloring book has a set of “Parent Pages” in the back of the book. Grownups can use the parent pages to prepare for conversations with a child and help them better understand the Bible verse on each coloring page.

Cardinal (Bird) Coloring Page with Bible Verse

Click on the links below to download your free Bible Verse coloring pages and parenting pages from Joy and Awe!

See how the coloring pages and parent pages work together to provide a great learning experience for your child!

 Cardinal – Coloring Page (PDF file)
Cardinal – Parent Page (PDF file)

 Hind – Coloring Page (PDF file)
Hind – Parent Page (PDF file)

Coloring pages from Joy and Awe incorporate Bible Verses from the 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV). Expand your child’s vocabulary with the beautiful language of The Geneva Bible. Joy and Awe is an ideal resource for Homeschool Bible Time, sure to inspire children and grown-ups alike!

Parent Pages – Suggested Use:

  1. Find (or instruct older children to find) the Parent Page that matches the coloring page your child is working on. Parent Pages are in alphabetical order in the back of the book (a great exercise for older children to practice finding pages).
  2. Tear out the Parent Page and read it on your own to prepare for conversations with your child.
  3. Be creative! Record the date, special notes, and place in a keepsake memory album.